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Sexy Alien Band Sexy Alien Band

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Go for it!

I think this is excellent work. I really appreciated the music style, which had a nice groove and fun beat. The cartoon video is a nice addition. Your characters are actually quite cute, and the whole ensemble seems credible. However, it wasn't obvious to me that the female character was actually there to parody the use of sexuality in other music videos. I just thought she was supposed to be the main centre of interest, appearing like in regular music videos (this might be partly due to the title of your video). For this, you might want to work on that aspect, if it is really important to you. But it occurs to me that, considering the excellent music style, your videos would be just as much enjoyable without green alien female tease. Oh yeah, and that short guitar player, with the hat and glasses... he needs to get dressed! Give him a black tux!

Other than that, this was a really cool video. I say go ahead with your concept, as it even has good music to back it up.

MooseMouse responds:

Thanks! I guess the "joke" with the girl alien is that although her only purpose in the band is to press the squeaker button, she still gets most of the camera time and the frontman(woman) of the band. I think the bass player probably just forgot his pants.. he seems like that type. Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Filmroll 2 Filmroll 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Now that's some good stuff! There's so much going on in this movie (or whatever I should call it), I don't know where to start this review! First of all, as it has already been said, even though there are (over!) fifteen short movies, you never get bored. You need a lot of imagination, and inspiration to create and animate it all—I know that for sure—and you did it. The simple graphic style is not at all at your disadvantage, because everything fits well together: it's simply a matter of integrating graphics, style and music. Well done. The animation itself was surprising: you've got good synchro with sound, and I suspect you'd be able to animate nicely objects or characters that would be much more complex (why don't you try it out?). And finally, your music is a delicious assortment of videogame pieces, most of which are from some of my favourite games of all time! You've got a sense of good games (and game music) ;)

Sincerely, I hope you don't get blammed for this. It's really nice stuff—easy to overlook, alas—but a tasty buffet in its essence. I voted 5, as much as my 7.03 votes allow me to vote. Keep it up!

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sticktale responds:

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

This is EXACLTY the stuff that I like people to see in the movies, and it's gerat encouragement, too.

Noting beats videogame remixes, right? Right. :)

Donkey Kong Country 1½ Donkey Kong Country 1½

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amen to you!

Gotta say, that's MY kind of flash... being the Donkey Kong (and Rare) fan I am. And if there is something I really like to see around here is a parody of/tribute to Rare's work. Because as you seem to have implied it in the movie, Rare will never be the same again (thank you very much, Mr. Gates :P), and we will never again be able to live a Donkey Kong adventure the way they used to be. Thus, am I the kind of guy that lives in the past? Perhaps. And this type of work makes me feel the sweet nostalgy of times where I could innocently await Rare's next DK masterpiece.

Now, on to the real review. Well, what's even more pleasing over the fact that the movie is based on DK universe, is the fact that it's a pretty dang good one. The scenario's well balanced, and presents the story in a well-timed way. The animation, even though it could have been worked on a little more, is way better than the average NG submission. The soundtrack is fantastic, and the voices could almost be the character's official voices (except for K. Rool, whose voice is definitely deeper in DK64...). The humor was, to me, just fine, being like Rare's style: a few subtle tricks throughout the storyline to make people laugh, without being the foundation for the whole story. All in all, everything feels so authentic (the colors, the atmosphere, the storyline), that your movie deserves all the honors it's getting... and will have a special place in my heart, and probably in many other die hard DK fans' out there too.

Now, I wonder if someone will ever dare do this kind of animation where characters from several Rare games would meet... wouldn't that be nice?

Jet Force Gemini : LS Jet Force Gemini : LS

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is going to have to be a yes, but no critic

Well, first off, I'm gonna vote 4. Because I used to be a fan of Rare, and because JFG was a really great game, that unfortunately never had the success it really deserved. Thanks to you for reminding me that there are people out there who enjoyed this game and who still do.

The animation was fun to look at, but I gotta say, even though there definitely was some effort put in there -and it shows- something makes this animation disappointing. I'll tell you what I think. By setting your plotline 78 years after the JFG events, you at least have to detach a little bit from the original storyline. But there is nothing much other than you new character to show that this story is different and is happening 78 years later.
Music wise, I can't really criticize for using JFG's incerdible soundtrack. But I can say that the music is a little too omnipresent in the movie. Since you already had sound effetcs and dialogues to support your storyline, you didn't need to insert music track after music track in your movie. A few silent moments would've allowed, in my opinion, for a little diversity in the flowing of the storyline.
Your animations (for example, your Sledge character's walking) have a bizarre feel, but at the same time, and as I already mentioned, it still shows that you tried and that you spent some time working on that aspect.
In the end, this animation isn't necessarily the best around, but it's far from being among the worst. Cinematographically, it left me with a "yes, but... no" feeling. But in my heart, just the fact of thinking about making a JFG tribute, and moreover the fact of actually doing it and investing over 60 hours working on it, is priceless.
Thanks for making me remember what a great game JFG was.

Bigfoot3290 responds:

Hey man, no problem. I agree with you on a lot of things. First off, yes, JFG never really did get the attention it deserved and i had a ton of fun playin that game (athough i never did find all those tribals). Secondly, i agree with you that Sledge's walking animation is a little bizzare (robotic may be a better word). It was by far, the hardest part of this flash for me. The soundtrack- heh, maybe i got carried away, but i really love the music Rare composed for the N64 title. And yes it's true, the storyline isn't far from the original, but i felt if i strayed to far from it, the movie wouldn't really feel like a tribute. Thanks for the comment :)

The Murderous Apple Mac The Murderous Apple Mac

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good movie

Yes, I'm being totally neutral here. Good graphics, good music, good punch, short-but-sweet scenario. Some camera angles are nice, and add a good feeling to the story, but as these perspective shots become repetitive, the also become a little overwhelming. Your cartoony character is nice too, but has a weird twitch at the beginning which is, to my taste, a little too much. Cartooning is the art of exaggeration, but you have to get it right. On your first imac, which otherwise is very nicely animated, the cd drawer seems a little screwed up, like cheaply pasted in place, and that doesn't fit with the clean look of the rest of the animation.
So that's about what I had to say. It's constructive, as I'm sharing knowledge with you (I spent three years studying multimedia creation, cartooning, animation and scenarisation).
Now is disapproving time. This just has to come out. I've been a hardcore Mac user for over 10 years. And believe me, this never happened before. Or maybe once I waited 7 hours. The computer was rendering a 15 gb video editing.
Well, I have to go for now. Perhaps my Mac will finish posting this review before next week :P

Rock & Foley Pencil Fight Rock & Foley Pencil Fight

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well don

I know, for having studied frame by frame animation such as this one, that it is anything but easy. And in this case, I must admit the movements are very fluid, and well animated. The lack of editing whatsoever has pros and cons, but the overall result is pretty good. Blank frames every time the characters hit themselves is useless, however, as it gets annoying, and the sound takes care of showing us they took a hit.

E-BIZA pt1 E-BIZA pt1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Me like it!

Yes, this is great! I really like hte overall syle. Graphics are a blast: there are tons of stuff going on at the same time, and everything is so colorful, yet very harmonious and not tiresome in any way. I also happen to enjoy a lot that music style, and this music in particular is very catchy. I'll have to admit the voice singing on the song is a little nerve-racking, but all in all, this is a work of art. Good job!

Milkman Milkman

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


... yeah, very nice. But friggin horrible! Poor guy, he's just living his life, making people happy (it's funny that he drinks milk in his truck), and then this freak comes in and just brutally kills everybody... Sad freak...

Midnight Snack Midnight Snack

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Yeah, not bad!

I mostly like that you did a parody of Luigi's Mansion... a good game the reminds me good times... sigh!

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Milkman in beer city Milkman in beer city

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good work!

If Mr. T and Milkman were to make a movie together, then it would make millions! Haha!